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  • 01

    It Will Get Better

    David Kalilani feat Tisu Eneya (Chorus by Britt Nicole)

  • 02

    Zisakukhuze (Prod. by Jay Emm)

    Apex feat Kelvin Sings

  • 03

    Zili Bho

    Maizo feat Twin M

  • 04

    Waishosha (Prod. by Renegade)

    Salvy x Renegade

  • 05

    Ndinakhalapo Mfana

    Get The Track Music

  • 06

    Ndikanakhala Mneneri (Rmx)

    Da Elz ft K2B Block, Crispy Mw, Vube & Bwaxy

  • 07

    Kambuzi Kali Mkhonde

    Mastol & Mista Gray feat Kelvin Sings


Joy Nathu is a multi-winning award DJ and has won the 2016 UMP Award and 2017 Nyasa Music Award for Best Radio DJ. Born on 7th September, he joined Radio 2 FM as a part time DJ in 2002 and was offered a full time spot a year later.

Joy Nathu hosts Made On Monday which airs every Monday from 21:00 – 00:00. He also alternates with other DJ’s on the roster presenting The Breakfast Show, Lunchtime Listening and Sunset Drive. Apart from being a DJ, Joy Nathu;a regular host/MC of events, road shows and a voice-over artist.

Joy Nathu is arguably one of the few most recognized voices in Malawi. With his Radio 2 FM show;MADE ON MONDAY, he commands a weekly listener-ship of over 2 Million.



  • Blessings are for everyone to see and experience. Am so grateful to God for the blessings; HE is faithful, 
All artists & producers that voted for me,
the amazing family of Made On Monday and all that take time to help us grow our hobbies.
This award goes to you all.. UMP Media Awards 2017 Best Radio DJ
  • Perspiration tingz on a Friday 🔥Man's not hot Neverhot Skrapp Skitty-Kat-Kat Boom, 2+2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3 🎶🎶🎵 with @princebo365
  • FAKE ACCOUNT ALERT - This is not my account as I have only one on Instagram. I'm known as Joy Nathu and not anything else apart from that therefore I disassociate myself from this account and any content posted on the said account.
  • Mangochi its on tonight
Pre-Summer Urban Show at Zithere Pano from 8pm with performances by @theothomsonmw and @saint_realest 🔥🔥🔥
  • It's not about where you coming from or what you've been through.. Its about where you heading, your destination. 
No matter what keep going. Keep fighting...
  • Sacrifices we make coz of friends we have. Putting up with this guys misala is energy consuming
  • Friends, homies, gang, crew
Buddies who think they are comedians 
Shouout to @thekimpho for the pic
  • And we won the league. Great season it's been #Chelsea #CFC #Champions #JeziNamba10
  • In this life, God's blessings are for everyone. They are to our disposal, we either too busy not working on our gifts because we in a competition with everyone. When you know what your mission is in this life, competition is nothing. 
When you get recognized for doing your part in your mission in this life, be grateful. Appreciate all those that help you head your direction. This is for all those trying to live their dream and mission. You are the reason there is hope for better Malawi. Let's unite in building bridges for each other to move closer to the promised land. 
Thank You all for the support, votes and moral support. To my fellow nominees, this is for us because we are in the forefront in building a better entertainment Industry where music is not a hobby but a career. 
To Nyasa Music Awards, the gesture to honor such individuals is something to applaud for, we hope and pray this is not the beginning and the end. 
All in all God is great, God is good, all the times! 🙏
  • In case you missed it last night. This weeks Top 10@10 📻🎶
  • With Marcus & Fredokiss at Gwamba's album launch #JIMB
  • It's always an honor being entrusted by Malawi's major corporate companies to host and modulate their events. 
To God, thank You for the gift of life and talent.
For bookings and more info please inbox or email me at 
Photo credit: Bensam Photography @bensament